Onsite Visits

Our licensed medical providers come directly to your place of business. Personal one on one time with your primary provider is back! Because we don't bill insurance we can spend more time on employees, preventative care and really improving lives. Online scheduling makes it easy to know when your provider will be at your office next and to book your appointment time.


OnDemand Visits

We know life is busy and when you are sick or have a medical question you need help right away. As a member of Bridged Med you have unlimited access to your licensed medical provider via your phone, email, text or the computer from anywhere in the world.

Managed Care

We tailor health care plans to your individual business needs. As your concierge medical provider we include individual counseling sessions to empower personal change and monthly accountability to all employees enrolled with Bridge Med. From weight loss management to high blood pressure and chronic illnesses you can be sure that we are partners for your improvement.

Doctor orders

No Health Insurance

"Premium health care without a Premium cost direct to your business."

Next Steps...

Email us and see how Bridged Med can help your business lower costs and improve health.